Kingsman Package

Featuring 2 of our teas, a hand-engraved stainless-steel camping mug, a stainless-steel tea strainer straw, and luxurious men's beard and face oil -- all made from fellow small businesses and friends of ours.

Collaborations are beautiful because they bring a collective message of "we are in this together" from our company, our partner companies, and all you amazing customers rallying behind us.

We pesonally know and love the businesses who hand-created these products to give you a gift set worthy of it's name - The Kingsman Package:

What's in it?


Earl Grey Bouquet and Mojito Lime Organic Teas
(from us here at Nil Organic Tea)

We give you two of our best-selling teas: Our exquisite Earl Grey Bouquet with our smooth black tea and our refreshing Mojito Lime citrus mint tea (herbal, caffeine-free version) for a perfect morning and evening organic tea duo.

Stainless-Steel Camping Mug 
by Sustained Designs

Jason hand-engraves these durable, minimalist camping mugs with his best-selling cypress tree and mountain landscape design on each one.  It's light weight, portable, and infinitely durable-- the perfect to-go cup.  And at the end of its usable life, which could conceivably be a lifetime, this mug is 100% recyclable.

Stainless-Steel Tea Strainer Straw 
by Sustained Designs

This strainer is the perfect addition to the camping mug and the perfect solution for straining our loose-leaf tea.  Just steep our teas directly in the water in the mug, and filter it as you sip through the straw.

Kingsman Beard and Face Oil
by Olio Skin & Beard Co.

This blend of organic plant-based oils give you an excellent face moisturizer and beard healer.  Jen and Derek crafted this oil for gentlemen keep their beard's healthy, strong, smooth, and soft while nourishing the face and skin.  Also makes an excellent after-shave oil and scalp mousiturizer, effective for the clean-shaven men as well.  Scented with black tea and bergamot, it pairs perfectly with our Earl Grey Bouquet tea.

It's a package worthy of it's name, delivering love and luxury to your door and to the gentlemen in your life.