Meet The Family


Creator. ..of: Two vibrant girls. A rewarding marriage. A thriving business. (@nilorganictea). Delicious organic teas. Piano music. Prose, blog posts.

I find my solace in music, deep conversation, philosophical and scientific discussions.  At the coast, in the deep woods, on long hikes.  Cuddling with my little darlings, exploring the world with them, and loving them unconditionally.



Visionary.  Designer.  Production.  The genius behind our logos, branding, and packaging.  The plaything for our baby girls, he makes them laugh more than anyone else.

He loves to camp, be in beautiful places, snowboard, and golf.  Listener of philosophical, scientific, and political podcasts, he is ever a student with ideas that could solve all the world's problems.



Our fireball, she is the original inspiration for Nil Organic Tea.  Kimberly always cared about keeping herself healthy, but once Clarity came into her life, her awareness of health skyrocketed.

Clarity loves special teatime with her Mama, going to the ocean, the children's museum, and the library. She loves swings, anything pink, and all things princess.  She could spend all day with her friends.  Clarity adores reading books and asking her parents a million questions.  She is selfless, confident, passionate, and the smartest child I've ever met.