Organic Darjeeling

Grown on the northern border of India among the Himalayan's southern slopes, our Darjeeling comes from the the highest proportion of the tip of the plant and is considered among the fanciest and highest grades.  

I like to think of Darjeeling as the "Darling" of teas because of the delicate, delicious, and prized cup it produces.

With a lovely sweet aroma, fruity overtones and soft floral notes, this tea is both bright and luscious.  Packed with antioxidants yet smooth to taste, this tea makes a perfect morning cup to both awaken and ground your day. 


Also makes an incredible latte.


Comes in 2 oz package, makes about 60 cups.

Steep 1 tsp of tea in 8oz hot (190 degrees) water for 3-4 minutes.