Easy Iced Tea - How to Cold-Brew

Easy Iced Tea - How to Cold-Brew

Cold Brewed Iced Tea is so easy 

Even my 6-year-old could do it.

The energy requirement is almost nothing and the process is incredibly simple.

Here's how:

1. Add loose-leaf to to a jar
2.  Add coldish water
3.  Let the tea steep 12-15 hours
4. Strain, ready to drink!

I use 2 tsp per 8 oz cup of water whether I'm making hot or cold tea.  So this means using 1/3 cup tea per 8 cups (1/2 gallon) of water.  If you want to sweeten, add the sugar during this step so it has time to dissolve.

Then, just let it steep at least 12 hours on the counter or 15 hours in the fridge before straining.  We use a fine mesh strainer found in most kitchens, but any strainer or infuser would work!

Enjoy the refreshing flavors and lasting health benefits of our teas this spring!

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Want iced tea sooner and can't wait for 12 hours to cold brew?  Steep it hot (2 tsp tea per 8 oz cup of hot water for 5 minutes) then chill in fridge for a couple hours.

Want iced tea immediately?  Steep it hot at double strength, then strain and pour over ice.

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