International Women's Day - Who we are!

International Women's Day - Who we are!

International Women's Day is one of our favorites of the year because it aligns with the very DNA of Nil Organic Tea.   After living overseas trying to alleviate world problems head-on, Shiloh and I felt as though our efforts were just a drop in the bucket.  Fighting systemic problems like child trafficking, poverty, and lack of education needed to happen at the root of the issue.

This means investing in the communities that bear the heaviest load of these systemic problems in a sustainable, holistic way.   We learned about microloans and grew excited at the opportunity to actually make a difference in this way.

When we moved back to the US and started Nil Organic Tea, our passion for these issues didn't subside.  We made a commitment to invest 25% of our profits into Kiva microloans, a sustainable approach to invest in small businesses in impoverished communities to help elevate the economy in those areas.  

Over the past week and a half, we've invested in the dreams of over 27 women!! Linet (pictured above) is one of these women, a fellow mama and tea farmer from Kenya.  She has 3 children and lives in the town of Nyamira.  Linet will use this loan to improve her tea crop farming business to support her family during this hard economic period brought on by COVID-19.

We are so grateful to be able to invest in her dream! (Because of you!)

To celebrate International Women's Day, from now until Wednesday, we will double our usual investment.  So each purchase you make will have double the impact on the world and in the lives of people like Linet!  

Support our little woman-owned organic tea company while simultaneously supporting women around the world with every purchase of Nil Organic Tea!

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Thank you for the continued support of our family and love of our teas! We truly appreciate every one of you!

May your cups be full of delicious sipping this spring.

<3 Kimberly

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