Holiday Tips and Favorites

Holiday Tips and Favorites

Sweet and spicy or warm and decadent, our holiday teas complete any tradition you have this season.


Ideas, tips, and seasonal favorites here at Nil Organic Tea:


Cranberry Spice Sangria

Tasting just like its name, this tea embodies the holidays.  Serve it iced with a drop of honey for a super-easy holiday treat, or steep it directly in fruit juice or red wine (instead of water) to create your own Sangria. 

For Sangria: Steep it in hot juice or warmed wine, or cold-brew overnight ahead of time.  Avoid boiling the wine or the alcohol will evaporate. Favorite juices include apple juice, grape juice, and cranberry juice.

But honestly my favorite way to sip this tea is the simplest - just hot steeped in water.  I find its complexity so appealing and its boldness cleansing.  It's Christmas in a cup (though if you follow my Instagram stories, you know I turn to this blend year-round!)


Spiced Apple Cider

We brewed our Spiced Apple Cider to have for the whole gathering last Thanksgiving.  We steeped it in hot apple juice and enjoyed some bourbon and spiced rum on the side for the adults to add in.  We garnished them with our own cinnamon sticks and apple slices.  The kids loved having a special drink with us, and I loved giving them a flavorful cider without any added sugars, artificial flavors, or added chemicals.



Vanilla Plum Crumble

Our newest blend: Inspired by the delicate flavors of fall, our customers call this blend a holiday dessert.  It needs nothing to make it special, but if you want it to shine far above the pies and the cookies, brew it a little strong and add a pinch of sugar or honey.  Nothing says holiday treat like this this blend's naturally sweet plums with vanilla and cinnamon chips.



Our Best-Selling Chai

Available in both herbal and black-tea base varieties, our Masala chai is as versatile as it is delicious.  Start your morning with the black tea version and end with our herbal.  Drink as is or add cream and honey for a decadent latte.   A perfectly balanced blend of 8 exotic spices with an organic orange peel base, our chai makes a fan of everyone who drinks it.

With only high-quality, organic ingredients, it makes a great wellness cup for fighting your everyday virus.    Or add a shot of whiskey, baileys, or spiced rum to create a party drink everyone will love.



Mint Chocolate Truffle

Skip the powdered, artificial, corn-based-sugar-heavy hot-chocolate mixes at the store.  Add a bit of honey and a spoonful of half-and-half, heavy cream, coconut cream, or almond-milk creamer to turn this tea into a creamy cocoa your kids will love.  Packed with antioxidants of cacao and wellness benefits of mint and lemon balm, this indulgence is our go-to guilt-free dessert for the holidays.   Choose the black tea version for the flavor without being overly relaxed from the lemon-balm, or the herbal for the perfect chill-out moments needed to melt-away holiday stress.




Iced Tea is my go-to thirst-quencher year-round.  In addition to our variety of hot tea treats listed above, we always have a large pitcher on-hand of one of our fruit teas iced.  We cold-brew it the night before our parties and gatherings, and it replaces all the sodas and juices for our feasts.


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