New Year's Resolutions: Tea Solutions

New Year's Resolutions: Tea Solutions

First of all, Happy New Year!🍾

This first week of our 2020 has been fabulous: simple but meaningful.  We took a much-needed break as a family and stayed close to home enjoying each other's company and presence.  It was low-key and heavenly.  Lots of crafts, books, and about a million cups of tea kept us close and cozy.   I soaked up every minute I had with my children, and I'm so grateful for practicing unplugged, mindful time with them.

And now, we begin our New Year.  Because if you're anything like me, the newness of life doesn't really kick in until the kiddos go back to school, which for us (and most of you), was today.  Now is when we start the pace of what functioning life will be like for our family in 2020. 

I hope you've had a chance to reflect this past week on your 2019 and let your creativity flow for your 2020 goals.  Because if you have (and it's not too late if you haven't!), we're bringing back for you our:

New Year's Resolution Tea Solutions: 🥂

Tip: We want to give you actual help here, so scroll through the list and then go back to first read the ones that speak to you.  Bonus if you've got a few minutes to read the whole thing for extra resolution inspiration!

1. Exercise:

  • Pre-Workout tea:  Matcha this tea is effective for priming muscles for workouts with energy-boosting, muscle-toning, and endurance-giving qualities.*  Alternate: Mojito Lime with green tea base with metabolism-boosting, fat burning, and detoxing qualities, or Raspberry Limeade w/ green tea base.*
  • Post-Workout recovery tea: Peach Perfection is a favorite among athletes because of its great muscle-relaxing and anti-inflammation properties from its chamomile and hibiscus power combo.* Alternate: Blueberry Delight, which also contains hibiscus and chamomile flowers.

2. Eat healthier:

  • Our teas excel in this category because health has been one of my core values ever since starting to create tea 4 years ago. I wanted something that was not only delicious but was also something I felt good about my children drinking.  We use only the highest-quality, 100% Organic ingredients.  Always.
  • Vanilla Nut Brulee, Spiced Apple Cider, Peach Perfection, Vanilla Plum Crumble, Pineapple Paradise, and Coastal Coconut are among the top most-requested teas for the sweet tooth.  Naturally sweet with zero sugar (though they are great with a touch of honey!) our teas are an excellent replacement for juices and make the perfect after-meal treat.
3. Get more sleep:

I created Heavenly Peace for a relaxing evening tea that would aid in restful sleep.  Alternate: Mint Chocolate Truffle (its lemon-balm leaf and soothing mint are stress-melting, anxiety-fighting, and sleep-assisting as well).*
4. Reduce stress: 

See #3.  Both Heavenly Peace and Mint Chocolate Truffle have excellent stress-reducing properties.*  Alternate: Peach Perfection.  But honestly, any of our teas fit this category.  I drink tea daily for a myriad of reasons, but always among them is to reduce anxieties, practice mindfulness, and minimize stress. All of our teas allow for natural stress reduction.*
5. Save money:

Our teas last forever, and because of their highest-quality ingredients, you barely need to use any to get a full-flavored cup!  Take our Masala Chai for example.  Do you know how much your chai latte's cost at your coffee-shop drive-thrus?  About $4 more than this one.  And you're also paying for all sorts of sugars, artificial flavors, and fillers.  Even compared to "cheap" store-bought teas, none surpass our quality so you'll get a lot more than just the 15 tea bags in the boxes you buy at grocery stores.  Any way you look at it, pennies per cup of our tea saves you dat money.
6. Spend more time with family: 

I loved seeing this in the poll again for 2020 resolutions because it's one of my highest personal values and subsequently what I consistently urge our customers to use our tea for: Unplugging and spending intentional time with loved ones.  Tea makes that so easy!  Sitting across from a child, partner, or dear friend over a cup of tea naturally invites authentic conversation and melts barriers. And all our blends are carefully crafted to bring forward delicious flavors that even the pickiest little ones will love!  All available in herbal/caffeine-free varieties for full family-friendliness. 
7. Learn a new skill : 

Obviously learning the skill of brewing tea could make this resolution easy, but assuming you want to challenge yourself beyond the simple steep, our Earl Grey Bouquet is the perfect aid.  Made with high-grade flowery-orange pekoe black tea leaves that elevate focus and concentration, Earl Grey Bouquet increases blood flow to your brain for a boost of learning power.*  It's rich in brain-boosting minerals and regular, consistent drinking of it reduces cortisol levels and simultaneously boosts memory function!*  Alternate: Any blends with black-tea base, our Oolong tea, or Pu-erh tea, also rich in mineral content and caffeine-levels.
8. Make more friends

Challenge yourself after your yoga class or your kid's soccer practice to invite an acquaintance over for a cup of tea.  Move past small talk about weather by allowing a low-key casual conversation to take place over a hot cup.  And if nothing else, our tea creates a great ice-breaker!  I have customers telling me all the time about how they served tea for their guests at their homes and what a hit it was for them!  You will be in good company to share a cup of our teas with a potential new friend.
9. Travel more:  

Our tea may not have magical teleportation abilities, but it does make an excellent travel companion!  Light and packable, our loose-leaf tea pouches stuff into any carry-on to give you an easy moment of creature comfort while on your journeys.  Couple it with our reusable tea bag for the perfect minimalist, travel-friendly way to brew our tea. 

Can't afford to travel?  Let our tea travel for you through its positive influence in developing countries with your every purchase:
10. Make the world a better place. 

Not only are our teas ethically produced, but every purchase of Nil Organic Tea makes a positive impact on the world.  We invest 25% of our profits into Kiva microloans as a sustainable way to fight poverty worldwide.  We invest in the dreams of small business owners everywhere to elevate the economies in low-income areas and thus reduce world problems associated with poverty.  It makes a real difference.  You can find out more here.  
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*This is all through personal experience and a lot of personal research, but we have not done any double-blind, peer-reviewed studies that were published in a scientific journal 😉, and none of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA.  We aren't making any claims that these teas are to be used to treat, prevent, or cure any diseases.  Talk to your healthcare provider before using them for wellness purposes.

In other words, don't just take our word for it.  Experience the great health benefits of our organic teas for yourself.

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