Impacting The World: Your Purchase Changes Lives

Impacting The World: Your Purchase Changes Lives

Ivene: Kenyan momtreprenuer selling tea and pineapples.

Ivene's story and Ours

Ivene lives a happily married life as a hard-working, loving mama to her two children. She spends her working hours selling tea and pineapples and needs extra support.

I am especially drawn to her story (for obvious reasons).  But as a female business owner in Kenya, her access to opportunities and funding is very limited, so we chose to believe in her dream this month.  (And the dreams of 25 others!)

We started selling tea for this exact reason: in order to provide funding for us to help alleviate poverty in a sustainable way.

Every purchase of Nil Organic Tea makes the world a little better than the day before.  Thank you for believing in us as we help Ivene continue to support her family and become an example in her community.


We invest 25% of our profits into Kiva

Kiva microloans attack poverty, lack of education, and poor health at the root level resulting in holistic solutions to the symptoms of these problems including human trafficking, violence, and hate.

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