Mom & Daughter Sell Tea Together!

Mom & Daughter Sell Tea Together!

A first-time mom of a 9-month old baby Clarity and soon-to-be pregnant again, I started making 100% organic teas for us November 2014.

I launched our website, we went to a tiny Christmas market that December, but little did I know that this hobby for our family would soon explode.  We launched into the farmer's market scene Spring-Summer 2015 and never stopped.

By then, Clarity was 1 and 1/2 years old, a feisty fireball demanding 100% of the attention of every adult around her, and I was 6 months pregnant with her sister.  Bringing Clarity to the market only happened when Shiloh (my husband) came with me so we could tag-team parenthood and tea-selling.  Juggling both became the story of our lives.

One year later, Serenity a tiny baby who lived up to her name, she accompanied me in a carrier I wore to the markets that entire year.  She became my market buddy and we were inseparable.  But still, Clarity could only come if I had help.  Because she was curious, playful, demanding, I was never able to work at our market booth with her in it.  It wasn't fair to either of us or to our customers.  (Fellow moms of demanding toddlers, I know you understand).

It broke my heart to leave her, but we both learned to understand the necessary separation in favor of greater attention and more quality time later.

Now 4 1/2, Clarity's curiosity has blossomed into intelligence, her demanding nature has built into a relationship of interaction and trust, and her playfulness has ever so slightly turned more independent.  So, I decided to try taking her to a market with me.  Alone.  Just the two of us.  !!!!!!

You guys, you have no idea how EXCITED I've been for this!! As soon as I made the decision, my happiness erupted when I asked her, "Clarity, do you want to come to the market with me in Cannon Beach next week?"  She matched my excitement, and for this past week it's all we could talk about.

I've always hated leaving my children in the care of trustworthy caretakers when I needed to sell our tea.  A necessary part of being a working mom, I've talked before in previous posts about the intense emotions involved of having a career while maintaining a secure, attached, and healthy bond with your children.  It's tough and always takes an emotional toll.  I constantly ask myself if I'm doing the right thing, if in 1 year to 20 years from now, will I look back and be proud of my choices?  It's haunting, but I continue to trust my decisions.

So the ability to bring my girls WITH me is truly a DREAM come true!! We aren't at the point where this can happen consistently, for mama still needs to focus without interruption during at-home-admin and tea-making days and the longer weekend markets are too much for littles, but Tuesday at Cannon Beach Farmer's Market was a BLAST!!

When a customer bought our tea, Clarity would find the blend they wanted to purchase, hand them the bags, and say, "Thank you!"  She also gave them their change when they purchased with cash.  "$6 is your change!" she'd chime sweetly.

Of course, I took a "hit" on sales because of the extra time Clarity took, but oh it was so worth it!   Having her by my side at the market both enriched our relationship and helped teach her important life skills for a little one.

And our customers were so patient with her. Thank you for those of you who let us take an extra minute or two with you on Tuesday so Clarity could be more a part of this little family business!

I'm so grateful for all of you who support us and enable us to all work together so we can have enriching experiences like this!



Stopping for french fries after the market...

...Followed by some beach playtime!!


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