Silver Linings: Finding Serenity in the Confusion

Silver Linings: Finding Serenity in the Confusion

Uncertain times have called for all of us to take a step back and really think through our choices, plans, and how we spend our time and resources.  Thank you for trusting us in helping to make the health, wellness, and mindfulness of you and your families a priority through drinking our teas.  

We believe drinking tea to be essential during this time not only because it allows for the health benefits of all our whole, organic ingredients to aid in boosting your immune system, but also because the mindfulness of drinking our aromatic, full-flavored blends helps to keep your mind grounded in the present moment, combating the stresses and panic that seems so present right now. 

Both of our girls are off of school now for a few weeks because of state-mandated school closures.  We are looking forward to spending that time quietly, peacefully, and intentionally together at home sipping tea, playing games, watching movies, and going on some hikes out in the woods.  I hope you find meaningful moments with loved ones during this season of cancelled events and schools closing and use that as an opportunity to slow down together.

May we all find unity and peace during this strange time,


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