TWO NEW Immunity Teas!

TWO NEW Immunity Teas!

TWO NEW Immunity Teas!

Load up on our new wellness blends to help keep your family healthy.

Lemon Ginger Turmeric

I worked on this blend for well over a year, but the current events and recent demands of our customers gave me the final push into completing the finishing touches of this recipe.  And guys, I've NAILED it.  I'm proud of everything I make, but this blend makes me feel like a gosh darn tea artist.  It smells, tastes, and FEELS like the goodness you crave when sickness creeps upon you, or maybe it just gives you superpowers to ward off evil -- be it through boosting your immunity through the incredible benefits of the powerhouse herbs in the recipe, or by helping to calm your fears when mass panic arises.  Either way, it's pretty much awesome.

The taste?  Spicy (but not too much), tangy, pungent, fresh, bright, and with so much lemon-y zest from real, fresh lemon peel and lemongrass, it reminded Shiloh of eating fruity cereal as a kid when I let him taste test my final batch.  It's got a lovely sweet finish from licorice root that really pushes the lemon forward and with the perfect amount of spice from ginger and turmeric to feel like it's really warming and cleansing your body.  It's my yellowest, brightest tea in every way.  Available herbal (caffeine-free) or with a green tea base.

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SuperBerry ImmuniTea

This blend has been quite challenging for me.  My goal was to create a tea that resembled Elderberry Syrup, both in taste and in benefit.  But have you ever tried Elderberry Syrup?  They say it's got healing powers, but really it tastes like deliciously sweet berry goodness yummy enough to top your pancakes.  How could I make a tea that tasted just as sweet and as delicious, and yet was packed with the same powerhouse antioxidant combo the syrup boasted?  But this third part was the hardest -- I wanted it to be a blend my children could drink, would love, and would even request.  They've got their favorites of our teas, you all already know that our teas come with two things you can expect: 1. Delicious flavor, and 2. Great quality and health benefits.  But with this one I wanted more.  More flavor AND more benefit.  And you know what? I think I nailed this one too.

The taste?  It's got loads of natural sweetness from the real goji berries, elderberries, and cinnamon, but packs a ton of antioxidant benefit with the bright hibiscus, rosehips, and rooibos.  It's like a dessert, like a berry cobbler.  Mostly sweet, just a little tart, with warming cinnamon and nurturing berries.

Available herbal (caffeine-free) and with a black tea base.

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From Cranberry Spice Sangria to Mojito Lime, we've got a wide variety of immunity boosting teas.  Check out the entire collection to stock up on a variety for you and your family.
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