Summer Update - Escape or cope? Let's get personal

Summer Update - Escape or cope? Let's get personal

I'm not silent. 
I've been renewing.

Pictured here: Sipping our Vanilla Plum Crumble black tea on our backpacking trip this week on Mt. Hood.

I'm using my coping mechanisms to reset, recharge, and come back stronger than ever

I have been quieter than usual, and it's been a struggle lately to compose the content, creativity, and forward movement I'm usually able to bring to the heart of who we are, the heart of our business and family.  I can't make it up or fake it up.  I live for authenticity and authentically it's been rough.  My passion comes through in our business with every word, every post, every ingredient.  If the waters of creativity are running thin, I take that as reason to pause.

The past few months have been challenging.  There has been so much change and transition out of my control, both in our business life and personal life.  The mark of our ability to be resourceful over the years and work through the hardships even from our beginnings, bootstrapping it starting from scratch now 5 and a half years ago, gives me hope and assurance that we will make it through this.  I KNOW this.  With every order you bring to us I do a literal happy dance and you remind me that we, and our tea, matter to you.  But I also know of dozens of fellow small businesses that have permanently closed their doors because of COVID-19. 
I'm beyond thankful to be counted among the survivors, and at many times, the thrivers, but the journey is far from over.

The x-factor to our thriving is in my, Kimberly's, own heart and creativity.  When that's stifled or threatened, I find myself escaping and coping in order to ground myself and reach into my own depths to pull forth ideas, thoughts, and motivation.

I have main 3 coping tools I use:  Nature (deep, wooded escapes far from cell service to get me in touch with natural rhythms, remind me of who I am, and show me the resiliency LIFE), drinking Tea (breathing in aromas, tasting flavors, noticing temperatures, wellness-feeling ingredients that calm my brain, focus my attention, and keep me mindful), playing piano (tapping into my creativity, opening the gateways of emotional expression, allowing for creative flow to emerge).

I've consistently turned to all 3 of these over the past month.  I keep escaping to nature and bringing my mug of tea with me. 

And it's working.

Creative processes are once again flowing, ideas forming, and motivation is renewed.

Hold tight.  Get excited with me.  Join me in the hope of what's to come.

And on the business side, we have a new blend coming that I've been looking forward to for YEARS (I'll tell you why when we release it!) 

In the meantime, don't forgot that our iced teas will cool your heat waves and bring you mindful, grounding moments to uncertain days.

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Thank you for your support, for your love, and for enjoying our teas.
Our trip this week was 2 days, 30 miles, 7600 feet elevation gain, and with a 35 lbs pack on my back.
And even though every ounce matters, our tea always makes the cut.
It came out a bit squished but turned out to be once again the perfect sip in the perfect place.
Made with a backpacking stove, backpacking mug, and one of our reusable tea bags.
I love this image of me sipping tea not only for the breathtaking scenery, but because of where my head was in this moment: Struggling internally but feeling the majestic presence of the mountain peak and the icy creek in front of me.  Seasons change, weather patterns shift, and plant life that comes and goes but the mountain remains through it all.   We can also change, shift, and fluctuate, but the life within us and that which matters most remains consistent.
Thank you for reading and for caring!   Talk to you soon.

  • Jen Nance says...

    I discovered nil tea at the Portland Saturday market. I was greeted by such a friendly gentleman who offered me a sample. I tried the coconut tea which was just delicious! I had to come home with the vanilla plum crumble! It reminds me of a tea I loved back home in North Carolina. I’m so happy to have found this tea! I feel so content when I steep a fresh cup and practice some self care. I’ll continue to be an online customer all the way from NC!

    On Oct 26, 2020

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