Essentials for Holiday Wellness

Essentials for Holiday Wellness

Be your best self

Maintaining daily tea time brings a plethora of benefits for your whole self.  It establishes the precedent that you'll put yourself first in an especially stressful holiday season when so much is unknown and when so much is demanded of us. 

We hand-craft our teas with the intention of bringing serenity and clarity to a muddled world (it was no coincidence we named our own girls as such!).  Explore our many varieties to find wellness-packed benefits with each and every blend.

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Sweet Tooth?

Our dessert teas are an excellent choice because they provide the sweet, rich taste we crave without any sugars. 

I love feeling like I can sip something that's both delicious and beneficial because the feeling of having to deprive myself only results in negative cycles.   

Making healthy choices this holiday season doesn't have to be about deprivation but rather about making more intentional choices.  It's much easier to do that when I have good, accessible options within reach, so having a bag of our Vanilla Plum Crumble (or our other sweet dessert-like teas, like Pear Cardamom) at the front of your tea cabinet can help you in your journey of self-care and wellness.
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Powerhouse Tea

The benefits of our Lemon Ginger Turmeric go far beyond this short list here, but to list them all would take hours.  Don't just take my word for it though, try some for yourself to feel how great this blend makes your body feel!  An essential blend to have on hand this time of year.
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Cranberry Spice Sangria is another excellent health-boosting blend.  It's one of my favorites to sip in the evenings this time of year because of the digestion-enhancing and cleansing benefits-- it's an especially great tea for drinking after a big meal!
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A new favorite fall tradition

This weekend we bobbed for apples for the first time as a family.  It was a hilarious game against physics. We laughed so much in between water up our noses and ridiculous positions of face vs water.  It was totally worth the effort, though! Clarity now wants to buy apples solely for this purpose.

And dont worry, pot will be completely cleaned and sanitized before it goes back to work again making tea for you ;) 
Thank you for all the love you've shown to our small family business this season.  May your cups be full of delicious sipping!

<3 Kimberly

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