creative process behind this winter tea

creative process behind this winter tea

Mid-Winter's Eve was one of the most challenging tea blends I've ever made but I'm pleased to announce that it now has the perfect ratio of organic peppermint, cinnamon, ginger, and licorice root.  I find it to be gentle, soothing, warming, and healing.

If you're interested in my creation process then read on.  Or if you just trust my efforts then go ahead and gift [yourself] a bag of this tribute to cozy nights in when it's frigid outside. Here's a link to take you straight there:
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Every sip of Mid-Winter's Eve is a little different.  Due to the naturally occurring essential oils of organic cinnamon bark, peppermint leaves, ginger root, and licorice root, this tea continues to elevate its flavor even after the initial steeping.

In other words, it continues to steep stronger even after straining, so you'll taste more prominent notes of each of the ingredients as you sip. 

Why was this blend so challenging to create?  

Lemme just nerd out over tea-making for a minute.

Peppermint, cinnamon, ginger, and licorice root all have naturally strong flavors and can easily overpower each other.  Just the slightest change in the ratios produced drastically different tastes. 

I wanted it spicy (cinnamon and ginger), but not too spicy.  I wanted it soothing (peppermint and licorice root) but still to be lively.  I wanted it sweet (cinnamon and licorice root) but only as a slightly lingering flavor note.  I wanted it comforting (peppermint and ginger) but still just a li'l indulgent.

The trick here was using the flavor properties of opposing ingredients to bring out their complementing flavors.  For example, I used the heat of ginger to amplify the coolness of peppermint.  And I used the sweetness of licorice root to amplify the spicier sweetness of the cinnamon.

I tried 3 different cuts of cinnamon until I got the flavor exposure I wanted and made at least 25 different versions of the tea with different ratios. Often, because of the continuing-to-steep effect with this blend I mentioned above, I would start all over as the end of the mug tasted nothing like the beginning. 
But you guys, I did it!  I loved it.  Then, I drank it daily for 2 weeks just to be sure before releasing it to you.  And I'm sure. ;)

I hope you'll treat yourself (and maybe even give one as a gift to a friend) to some winter self-care by getting a bag of Mid-Winter's Eve.  I've crafted it as a labor of love and I think it will brighten even the dreariest of cold winter days. 

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PS- We've also put together a:

Winter's Eve Gift Set

Our newest holiday gift set features winter wonderland warmth and light for cold days and dark nights.

Winter's Eve Gift Set includes:

  • Our new Mid-Winter's Eve tea -- comforting, soothing, minty with a hint of spice and sweetness.   Excellent wellness-boosting tea, best sipped under a cozy blanket (cheesy but truuuuuue)
  • Stainless Steel Tea Ball
  • (optional) Vanilla Soy Wax Candle with wood wick, hand-poured by our friends Derek and Jennifer
  • Cold-Pressed Plant-Based Soap: Snowy Pine -- with clean notes of juniper berry, spring water, vetiver, sandalwood and pine
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Let us find joy and light during the darker days.  Let us create meaningful moments that enrich our daily lives.  And may our cups be full of delicious winter teas in the process.

Much love,

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