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  • creative process behind this winter tea

    creative process behind this winter tea

    Mid-Winter's Eve was one of the most challenging tea blends I've ever made but I'm pleased to announce that it now has the perfect ratio of organic peppermint, cinnamon, ginger, and licorice root.  I find it to be gentle, soothing, warming, and healing.If you're interested in my creation process then read on.  Or if you just trust my efforts then go ahead and gift [yourself] a bag of this tribute to cozy nights in when it's frigid outside. Here's a link to take you straight there:  Shop Mid-Winter's Eve Every sip of Mid-Winter's Eve is a little different.  Due to the...

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  • New Recipe!: FROTHY, vegan, whole food tea latte

    New Recipe!: FROTHY, vegan, whole food tea latte

    My sister inspired me with this one as we both try to navigate a life with strict dietary limitations.  My favorite part is the texture and natural sweetness! 1. She added warm almond milk to a blender and threw in a couple dates (remove the pits first).  Blend until smooth and frothy. 2.  Meanwhile, steep any of our teas at double strength.  After steeping, add the tea to blender and blend again. 3. Pour into your favorite mug, scoop out the thick froth, and top with a sprinkling of cinnamon. I couldn't believe:  How easy this was How frothy the...

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  • Essentials for Holiday Wellness

    Essentials for Holiday Wellness

    Be your best self Maintaining daily tea time brings a plethora of benefits for your whole self.  It establishes the precedent that you'll put yourself first in an especially stressful holiday season when so much is unknown and when so much is demanded of us. We hand-craft our teas with the intention of bringing serenity and clarity to a muddled world (it was no coincidence we named our own girls as such!).  Explore our many varieties to find wellness-packed benefits with each and every blend. Shop Tea Sweet Tooth? Our dessert teas are an excellent choice because they provide the sweet, rich...

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  • Summer Update - Escape or cope? Let's get personal

    Summer Update - Escape or cope? Let's get personal

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    I'm not silent. I've been renewing. Pictured here: Sipping our Vanilla Plum Crumble black tea on our backpacking trip this week on Mt. Hood. I'm using my coping mechanisms to reset, recharge, and come back stronger than ever I have been quieter than usual, and it's been a struggle lately to compose the content, creativity, and forward movement I'm usually able to bring to the heart of who we are, the heart of our business and family.  I can't make it up or fake it up.  I live for authenticity and authentically it's been rough.  My passion comes through in our business...

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  • How to Cold-Brew - Easy Iced Tea!

    How to Cold-Brew - Easy Iced Tea!

    Cold Brewed Iced Tea is so easy  Even my 6-year-old could do it.The energy requirement is almost nothing and the process is incredibly simple.Here's how:1. Add loose-leaf to to a jar2.  Add coldish water3.  Let the tea steep 12-15 hours4. Strain, ready to drink!I use 2 tsp per 8 oz cup of water whether I'm making hot or cold tea.  So this means using 1/3 cup tea per 8 cups (1/2 gallon) of water.  If you want to sweeten, add the sugar during this step so it has time to dissolve.Then, just let it steep at least 12 hours on the counter or 15...

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  • Feeling anxious?  Me too. Find relief in tea. 🌼

    Feeling anxious? Me too. Find relief in tea. 🌼

    Our newPeace from Anxiety Collection Feeling stressed? Anxious? Worried?  I am too.  We have teas that can help, and science to back it up.  I always drink a lot of tea, but my tea drinking has gone through the roof this month.  And I realize why-- I'm using tea as a means to cope.But it's effective.  And healthy.  And it can be for you too, naturally, peacefully, deliciously.  Studies show a variety of the herbs and teas we use in our blends have significant stress reducing properties and enhance relief from anxiety.   Check it out below, or just:  Shop Our "Peace from Anxiety" Collection Did you know there...

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