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  • Silver Linings: Finding Serenity in the Confusion

    Silver Linings: Finding Serenity in the Confusion

    Uncertain times have called for all of us to take a step back and really think through our choices, plans, and how we spend our time and resources.  Thank you for trusting us in helping to make the health, wellness, and mindfulness of you and your families a priority through drinking our teas.  We believe drinking tea to be essential during this time not only because it allows for the health benefits of all our whole, organic ingredients to aid in boosting your immune system, but also because the mindfulness of drinking our aromatic, full-flavored blends helps to keep your mind...

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  • TWO NEW Immunity Teas!

    TWO NEW Immunity Teas!

    TWO NEW Immunity Teas! Load up on our new wellness blends to help keep your family healthy. Lemon Ginger Turmeric I worked on this blend for well over a year, but the current events and recent demands of our customers gave me the final push into completing the finishing touches of this recipe.  And guys, I've NAILED it.  I'm proud of everything I make, but this blend makes me feel like a gosh darn tea artist.  It smells, tastes, and FEELS like the goodness you crave when sickness creeps upon you, or maybe it just gives you superpowers to ward off evil -- be...

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  • New Year's Resolutions: Tea Solutions

    New Year's Resolutions: Tea Solutions

    First of all, Happy New Year! This first week of our 2020 has been fabulous: simple but meaningful.  We took a much-needed break as a family and stayed close to home enjoying each other's company and presence.  It was low-key and heavenly.  Lots of crafts, books, and about a million cups of tea kept us close and cozy.   I soaked up every minute I had with my children, and I'm so grateful for practicing unplugged, mindful time with them.And now, we begin our New Year.  Because if you're anything like me, the newness of life doesn't really kick in until the kiddos go...

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  • Holiday Tips and Favorites

    Holiday Tips and Favorites

    Sweet and spicy or warm and decadent, our holiday teas complete any tradition you have this season.   Ideas, tips, and seasonal favorites here at Nil Organic Tea:   Cranberry Spice Sangria Tasting just like its name, this tea embodies the holidays.  Serve it iced with a drop of honey for a super-easy holiday treat, or steep it directly in fruit juice or red wine (instead of water) to create your own Sangria.  For Sangria: Steep it in hot juice or warmed wine, or cold-brew overnight ahead of time.  Avoid boiling the wine or the alcohol will evaporate. Favorite juices include...

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  • Cold-Brewed Tea = The easiest, most refreshing DIY

    Cold-Brewed Tea = The easiest, most refreshing DIY

    Cold Brewed Iced Tea is so easy  Even my 5-year-old could do it.The energy requirement is almost nothing and the process is incredibly simple.Here's how:1. Add loose-leaf to to a jar2.  Add coldish water3.  Let the tea steep loose 12-15 hours4. Strain, ready to drink!I use 2 tsp per 8 oz cup of water whether I'm making hot or cold tea.  So this means using 1/3 cup tea per 8 cups (1/2 gallon) of water.  If you want to sweeten, add the sugar during this step so it has time to dissolve.Then, just let it steep at least 12 hours on the counter or...

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  • Confessions of a Momtreprenuer

    Confessions of a Momtreprenuer


    Motherhood is everything.  Difficult but fulfilling.  And owning/running a business is equally challenging yet rewarding.  Both require and insane amount work and energy.  Whether you are are career parent or stay-at-home, we all battle the juggle between accomplishing something and giving attention to our children. How do we do it? How do I do it?   1. Some days I don't. Some days, I wake up with expectations to accomplish the world with children who would be well-behaved and play independently.  But nothing works as planned and I must release my frustrations and realize that days like these are meant to be slow. ...

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